Welcome to ZZC

You should at least have read these instructions when you visit ZZC or go to work.

Entering the grounds and buildings of ZZC is at your own risk.

ZZC is not liable for any damage and/or injury to persons, vehicles or other items.

After following these instructions you will be asked if you have understood the rules.


Cough and sneeze into your elbow or a paper handkerchief. Don’t shake hands.

Keep an appropriate distance from each other (min. 1.5 meters) Wash your hands regularly with soap (min. 20 sec.).

Drivers, please stay in the cab of your truck as much as possible.

Follow the Corona measures as stated at the location of your visit.

Traffic rules

ZZC area

The maximum speed varies per location and can be found on the signs present at the location.

Parking mode

Parking is only allowed in the designated areas. If possible, everyone should park their vehicle in reverse.


Visitors must register upon arrival and departure. Access to the warehouse, offices or business premises is only permitted under the supervision of a ZZC employee.

ZZC reserves the right to carry out inspections. Sanctions may follow for non-compliance with the rules.


The same rules apply to visitors for all external companies that carry out maintenance, inspections, resolve malfunctions or perform other activities.

The work area must be cordoned off at all times in consultation with the supervisor. Appropriate permits will be issued if necessary.


When entering the ZZC grounds, it is mandatory to wear fluorescent outerwear and work shoes with steel toecaps, with the exception of the offices, canteens and the footbridge.

A safety helmet is mandatory on the quays, within the work area and on ships and the Container Terminal.

Approved fall protection is mandatory when working above 2.5 m from the ground.


Pedestrians follow the walkways. Watch for work traffic and make eye contact.

Run and kick

No running on the property or in the building. Use the handrail when climbing stairs.

Eating, smoking & making phone calls

Eat, drink, smoke and make phone calls only in designated areas.

Medicines, drugs and alcohol.

Are you taking any medications that can affect your ability to react? Pass this on to the planning, your manager or contact person before you start working.

The use and being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly prohibited on the ZZC site.

Wash hands

Wash and disinfect your hands after using the toilet and before and after eating.

Production areas


When entering areas where food is processed, the applicable (HACCP) rules must be observed. Always wear the provided clothing that suits the work. Wearing jewelery and watches is not permitted while working with open products.


Wounds should be covered with blue metal detectable plasters before starting or resuming work.


Make sure that goods do not suffer (temperature) damage.

Always wear clothing appropriate to the temperature of the room.

Clean workplace

Keep your environment clean and tidy. Always work in an orderly and hygienic manner.

Deposit waste and residual products in the appropriate bins.


It is forbidden to take photos and videos on the grounds and in the buildings and to share them online. Unless this has been done with the permission of the General Manager.


AEO regulations apply to all ZZC locations.

AEO and ISPS regulations apply to port locations.

Camera surveillance is present on the site and in the buildings.


In the event of a fire alarm or other calamities, the instructions of the company emergency response team must be followed. You can recognize the BHV people by the BHV imprint on the jacket/vest. They assist in emergency response incidents.

In the event of an evacuation, people should go to the emergency assembly point. The assembly point can be recognized by the assembly point signs. Call 112 in case of emergency or fire!