Climate control to the degree accurate

Climate-controlled storage

Each product requires specific storage conditions. Where one product does well at a certain temperature, another product needs more specific humidity or air circulation. All these different conditions were taken into account when designing and expanding our cooling locations.

We can rightly say that we specialise in temperature-controlled storage of mainly exotic fruit. With more than 25 years of experience, we know better than anyone how to take good care of our clients’ products, so that they can be transported as well as possible.


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Our clients’ products are unloaded in the ports of Antwerp or Rotterdam. ZZColdstores takes care of the transport from the port to the cold stores in Kruiningen or Vlissingen for storage or transfer. When the products are ready to be transported further, they can be collected from our cold stores.

High-end climate management

At ZZColdstores we do everything we can to bring the climate of our cold stores into line with the needs of the product, so that we can keep the quality as high as possible. Our cold stores can be set per product. The cooling units are automatically protected by temperature, humidity and circulation.

24/7 online insight

Transparent communication is self-evident at ZZColdstores. We therefore do everything we can to inform our clients as well as possible. With our online portal, we offer 24/7 insight into stock, transports and receivables. Quality controls are also shared with the customer.

Perfect location

Our cold stores in Kruiningen and Vlissingen are perfectly situated. With a fast connection between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, we can quickly get product to our cooling units. Our own quay in Vlissingen makes unloading products even easier. In addition, our locations are ideally located for smooth transport to other parts of Europe.

Pick up when it suits you

ZZColdstores wants to be just as flexible as its clients. When a load has to be prepared quickly for further transport, we do everything to have it ready at the desired time.

To this end, an automatic loading and unloading system has been realised in Vlissingen, making it possible to collect your registered cargo yourself at night. Being able to act and deliver faster and faster, that is our focus!