Insight intoquality

Quality control

Increasingly higher demands are made on the quality of the imported products. With our quality controls, we offer our clients insight into the condition of their products, so that they can respond to this by, for example, quick shipping or allowing the products to be stored for longer.


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Standard checks

We perform two checks on the arrival of the products at our cooling locations. We first check the conditions of the refrigerated containers or the hold in which the products are shipped. This report includes the temperature, weight of the fruit and the humidity. With the results of this check, any damage caused by poor conditions during transport can be recovered from the carrier or shipping company.

The second check consists of physically checking the products. The products are checked on a random basis for a number of factors. The findings of this audit are recorded in a report and also reported to our clients. During the execution of the products, this check is repeated, so that our customer has a clear quality image of the entire period that the products have been in storage with us.

Periodic checks

If a product is stored at ZZColdstores for a longer period, we can carry out periodic checks if desired. With these checks you get a clear picture of the quality of your product, so that you can respond in time and, for example, can transport the products earlier.