Storage, checking and handling of climate-controlled fruit

Welcome to ZZColdstores

With us your fruit is in good hands. From arrival at the port to collection from our storage; we offer your product the best possible treatment.

In our storage locations in Vlissingen and Kruiningen, the products are subjected to a quality check, after which they are stored and kept at the desired temperature until you want to transport the products further.

Welcome to ZZColdstores!


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Cold storage



-18° up to +20°

Cooling possibilities

400 m

Own terminal


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Climate-controlled storage

ZZColdstores specialises in temperature-controlled storage of mainly exotic fruit. With our advanced equipment we control the temperature, humidity and circulation of the air.

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ZZcoldstores has its own terminal in the port of Vlissingen. Immediately next to this quay is a temperature-controlled storage of 15,000 m2. The ship unloads the products on the quay after which they are stored immediately under the right conditions.

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Quality control

Our quality controllers have a lot of experience. A quality check is carried out for every incoming load. We check, among other things, the temperature during transport, the quality on arrival, the size of the stock and periodic checks when a product is stored with us. Through an advanced system we offer our clients insight into the reports.

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Customs handling

The imported products only gain value when they are free to trade. This requires various actions at customs. With our many years of experience, we can take care of these operations quickly and properly for our clients, making the products quickly available for further transport and trade.

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KruiningenCold Store

In Kruiningen we take care of the storage and quality control of various products. The options in terms of temperature, humidity and circulation are the most flexible here.

Nisseweg 4, 4416 PK Kruiningen

Vlissingen Fruit Terminal

In Vlissingen, we have our own quay and a large storage capacity. This location is especially suitable for products that need to be implemented quickly.

Denemarkenweg 18, 4389 PE Ritthem