Unloading at our own quay


In ensuring the quality of the products, it is important that they are influenced as little as possible by external factors. The more time it takes to store the products from the hold of a ship or container in climate-controlled cold stores, the more chance there is of quality loss.

ZZColdstores has its own quay in the port of Vlissingen right next to our cold store. The transport from the hold to the cooling takes no more than a few moments. In this way we guarantee the best possible quality.


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Nisseweg 4
4416 PK Kruiningen

Denemarkenweg 18
4389 PE Ritthem


At ZZColdstores it’s all about flexibility. We adapt to the wishes of our clients and to the sailing schedule of the ships that come to unload at our quay. If the ship arrives later, we will start later and we will not stop until the ship has been fully unloaded. We have experienced and flexible staff, so we can always respond to changes.


Speed is required when trading fruit and vegetables. As a seller you want to be able to respond to current supply and demand. ZZColdstores is therefore a flexible and fast partner. We continuously implement innovations that shorten the lead time and enable you to have your products available faster. Examples of this are the possibility of unloading a ship directly in a waiting truck when the ship is unloaded or the automatic loading and unloading system where you can even pick up your products at night.


In addition to guaranteeing quality, offering capacity is just as important. Fortunately, this is enough. We recently expanded our location in Vlissingen and in Kruiningen with new cooling facilities. As a result, we have a total of 25,000 m2 of storage options on which we can store a total of 25,500 pallets. This way we always have space for your products.

Container depot

In addition to our Fruit Terminal in Vlissingen, we have a very spacious and modern container depot. In this depot we will be able to store and connect containers so that the containers can run refrigerated. We can also strip the containers and prepare them for further transport.